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Beyond Relief: Rebuilding Haiti

3rd place winner at the 2013 Marketing Communications Award The National Society of Marketing Professional Services


This documentary shows how the devastating earthquake in Haiti in 2010 motivated all sectors of society to improve construction methods and thus prevent future humanitarian disasters.




CARMEN - Community Support Centers for House Repair


This video presents an innovative post-earthquake house self-reconstruction project of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)  in Haiti.  The CARMEN project offers engineering assessments, training and grants while adapting their support to those with special needs.


Shine a Light Campaign


Electricity does not reach over 70% of Haitian households. The Shine a Light Campaign aims to bring a solution through its solar-powererd lamps thus reducing fuel smoke breathing inside houses and allowing students to study at home after sunset.


Logistics procedure for the "School in a Box" project


Through its Child Protection Program, UNICEF in Haiti provides books and school materials to communities where formal education does not reach. This documentary reveals the logistical procedure behind this project.


Environmental Campaign MOSAJ 2012


Haitian NGO MOSAJ works with street childen in Haiti. Through their social and educational activities, they sensitize children on the importance of respecting the environment and stop deforestation. This is crucial in a country like Haiti where only 2% of the land is forested.


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