The COVID-19 pandemic has redefined how we work, live and cope with life. As we confront the worst recession since the Great Depression, we navigate through uncharted territory. Physical distancing particularly affects the wellness and fitness sector – including yoga studios and teachers – who have to adapt by teaching online from home. If you are struggling to retain your business by improvising a home-based live video streaming, you are not alone! In 2020 in the US alone there are:



Not only is there a surplus of online yoga teachers, but also a diminishing purchasing power caused by the current economic recession.  In such a highly competitive market, students are likely to spend their limited budgets on the highest quality online classes. This is where I can help you.
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“I asked David for a full consultation once I started to offer classes online.  I now have more knowledge about how to set up my online “studio” with a limited budget, and maneuver mysterious Zoom settings. His advice was spot on. I cannot recommend David highly enough!”

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“David patiently and skillfully guides you in arranging your space and using exactly what you have on hand to shoot quality videos to share with your students. He offers tailored recommendations for equipment to purchase based on your budget, space, and needs.”

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“Your years of experience is such a gift to us at Mang’oh and your help throughout this transition has been incredibly invaluable.  I simply cannot thank you enough. Thank you again for all your help with the livestream.  I so appreciate your technological skill and generous guidance.”

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“David brought total professionalism and compassion for the struggles that I faced with teaching virtually. Within 30 minutes my studio, the lighting and framing was gorgeous. This gave me so much hope. He helped to trouble shoot through options to improve the sound of my classes. I feel so grateful for his generosity and expertise.”

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Clients generally get started with a 60 or 90 minute session to get a basic re view of their camera placement, lighting, sound. We review audio and camera settings in Zoom or other platforms and I present how live streaming options work (Zoom, YouTube Live, IG Live, Vimeo)

Some clients request additional sessions if they want to be further coached on specific video production, streaming processes or how to upload/embed their videos to their website for monetization. Consultations are payable via Venmo or Paypal.

$100 for a 60 minute online consultation

$140 for a 90 minute online consultation

Please contact me here to request a consultation: